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Jennifer Powell
Mrs. US Continental 2018

Christine Hoque
Ms. US Continental 2018

Congratulations to our New Mrs. US Continental -  Jennifer Powell and Ms. US Continental - Christine Hoque, as well as all the US Continental Delegates for an extraordinary performance at the 2018 US Continental Pageant.

The US Continental Pageant was developed to recognize the modern woman of the 21st century.  Women should be recognized not only for their strengths, but accomplishments achieved in life.  This pageant promotes intelligent women, women of integrity, women with strong moral values, and inner beauty.  The total package!!  We are about empowering women!  The US Continental Pageant provides unique opportunities to women as they strive to reach their goals and dreams in life.                               


May 24, 25, 26, 2019
US Continental Pageant
Palm Beach Florida

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